Upholstery Cleaning Services in the Worksop Area

aridexsmallAt Dry Clean Carpets we use the Aridex System for upholstery cleaning. The Aridex System uses no solvents or detergents in the upholstery cleaning process, but instead uses Continuous Flow Recovery (CFR). This is a very thorough and low moisture system so we have very fast drying times. Your upholstery is normally dry by the time we leave.

We thoroughly pre-vacuum to remove any loose dirt and dust. Then a misting of a safe water-based pre-spray is applied and agitated with a soft horse-hair brush. This breaks down any surface grease and soiling. Using such a precise method makes sure that the padding and stuffing do not get wet.

IMG_20150507_164914Your upholstery will be dry very quickly and the brightness of the colours will be restored.

The Aridex system for upholstery cleaning doesn’t leave the sticky residue normally left by solvent and detergent based systems which can be a cause of rapid re-soiling. Your furnishings can be further protected from re-soiling by adding our protection to safeguard against spots and spills.

The Aridex System is ideal for many surfaces, including:

  • Fabric-covered partitions
  • Staff seating
  • Vehicle interiors – cars, boats, caravans, coaches, aircraft seating, etc.
  • Theatres, auditoriums
  • Restaurant seats
  • Leather furnishings
  • Tapestries

… and much, much more!

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