Grout Cleaning

groutcleaningOur results for cleaning grouted tile floors are hard to believe.  That’s why we offer to test clean a portion of your tiled and grouted floor to show you just what we can do.

Our test clean will take minutes and there’s no obligation, actual or implied.

Request a test, and you’ll be amazed at what we can do in aquarter of the time that other tile and grout cleaning systems take and with much less disturbance to your working or home environment. In the test you’ll see that:

After year’s of wear on my natural stone kitchen tiles – I thought there was no hope of gettingthem properly clean again – how wrong I was! Host has brought them back like brand new just need to seal them now – excellent job. (Jill Foster Huddersfield)   

  • We use no acids, bleach, or water
  • Cause no degradation of the grout
  • Cause no damage to adjacent carpeting

and most importantly….

  • We extract the dirt that others leave behind!

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