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With the news of an impending drought, there’s good news from Dry Cean Carpets, you can still have your carpets and upholstery cleaned without depleting our water stocks. 

When people think of carpet cleaning they think of water, strong chemicals, mess, upheaval and wet carpets. We don’t use any water at all – our system is completely DRY. So imagine a carpet cleaning company that can go into your home or place of work, move furniture, clean the carpets and have your home or office back to normal straight away.

The process begins with a dry carpet cleaning agent called Host which is sprinkled onto the carpet. It acts like a natural sponge; this unique cleaning product combined with the Host carpet cleaning machine dissolves and traps the dirt and leaves the carpet clean, fresh, fragrant and dry.

Check out our video demonstration:

These amazing carpet cleaning results are achieved with a product that is completely non-toxic and safe for children and pets.

Host is also good for the environment and can help people that suffer from allergies like asthma. Research tests have shown  the Host dry carpet deep cleaning system removes up to 94% of allergens and 97% of mould spores in a carpet. Host also helps remove harmful bacteria, dust mites and fleas.

Read more about our green credentials, or give us a call to see what Dry Clean Carpets can do for YOUR carpets.


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